Hansal Mehta shared his Filmfare journey in an emotional social media post

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta was one of the stars of the recently concluded Filmfare OTT Awards. Hansel Mehta’s Scam 1992 was a big winner of the evening with 12 wins out of 14 nominations. It should be noted that when Scam 1992 was published a short time ago, the enthusiasm with which people praised the series did not diminish. On Twitter, the filmmaker spoke with Filmfare and the iconic Black Lady about his journey.

“I first attended the Filmfare Awards when RD Burman won the award for that gigantic Varadwaj match. Then for a few years with Vajpayee Manoj who made it a habit to win the award. I would have liked to have been there but I must admit that I was nominated I feel jealous of the winners! “Wrote the filmmaker.

Hansal Mehta

“Many years later I was with her to win @ RajkummarRao. It’s been almost 26 years since I participated in these awards and finally, I got one for myself. It was my first nomination and my first black woman. The feeling was very special especially Because Manoj was there last night too, ”he added.

Hansal Mehta said that he missed Prince Rao terribly and shouted at his children and companions. “I am blessed to have a beautiful child and Safina’s most supportive and caring partner. I missed my parents Kishu, Deepak and Yusuf but I felt their happy presence in my bed this morning. I missed my son aiJaiHMehta terribly,” he said. Wrote on Twitter.

“I am grateful to the universe for giving us such love and appreciation. It inspires me to move forward with more passion and fearlessness for what I am most proud of. Thank you to all of you. Bless my work with me and your outstanding talent.” Collaborators year after year. I would be lost somewhere and completely without you all. Thank you #ShivankKapoor for always making sure I dress modestly for this special occasion, “he concluded.

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