High school students claim they have been suspended for planning to protest the Confederate flag nationally

Students at Rome’s Cosa High School claim they have been suspended for protesting the Confederate flag.

According to local station WGCL, the students were caught on camera waving a Confederate flag and they were not disciplined. When several black, white and Latino students decided to protest the flag, parents said the children had been suspended. However, the students complained that the white students who protested were not suspended, only the students of color.

Student organizer Jillian Murray “I don’t think the Confederate flag should be flown at all. It’s a racist symbol and it makes me feel disrespected,” he told the outlet.

Dejia Fein, Another student organizer, added, “I feel really disrespected about how the school didn’t do anything about it and when we weren’t allowed to wear BLM (Black Lives Matter) things and be allowed to carry racist flags around them.”

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Murray and Fein said they began planning to protest against racism after the administration failed to rule the administration on charges of flying Confederate flags and making racist remarks against black students.

WGCL reported that the guardian of a high school student made an announcement via their school intercom where an administrator warned students that they would be punished if they tried to protest.

“The administration is aware of tomorrow’s planned protests,” the administrator announced. “Police will be present at the school here and if students insist on encouraging such activities, they will be disciplined to encourage unrest.”

Later, students planning to protest went to the front office to talk to the administrator. This then became an argument after students complained about the lack of disciplinary action against students for using racial pornography.

As a result, students say only their black peers were temporarily fired even though students of all races faced administrators. On Friday (Oct. October), they reportedly gathered outside the school to protest all day. Those who have not been suspended have chosen to leave school with the permission and support of their parents.

“All African Americans they suspended them, and they did not suspend them.” Lillian Huckabee Told the station. “They didn’t stop me and I was screaming loudly. It’s because I’m white. We’re not allowed to wear a Black Lives Matter shirt or LGBTQ flag, but kids can have a Confederate flag and they said nothing.”

Parents of students who have been suspended say they are upset their problems have been unresolved for so long. Angry They are also upset that the suspension from October 22 will upset their children’s return home.

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