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Earlier today, Taiga used his words well and voluntarily turned himself in to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) when his ex-girlfriend Camerin Swanson complained that he had beaten her yesterday. If you recall, the incident happened after Cameron unintentionally showed up at her home and started screaming. The incident escalated when he allegedly went inside the house, where screaming continued and Taiga allegedly tortured him. After the news broke, Kamarin shared pictures of the wound with an alleged text message from the “Test” paper. According to TMZ, Taiga faces allegations of potentially serious domestic violence for the alleged incident.

When people start talking about Tiger activities, his name trends on Twitter. It seems that several Twitter users had something to say about the alleged attack, including Solja Boy. It’s no secret that the two had problems with their papers in the past, but today Big Draco informs them that Tiger was “up * now.” The trolling began when he shared a picture of Tiger next to Cameron with his wound with the caption, “Tiga !!!!!! ???? My biggest comeback was! ”

He didn’t pipe in there. While live, he took the opportunity to talk more about the alleged incident. Solja said that Taiga is here “beating girls and what’s wrong with you, man?”

If you recall, in May, Soulza was accused of abusing an unidentified ex-girlfriend who had an abortion in 2015 due to his abuse. Also, in July 2021, another woman, Kayla Myers, also called Solza for an attack in a separate incident. Kayla asked a judge for a রায় 2 million default verdict, when she did not respond to her initial lawsuit where she alleged he had whipped her with a pistol. Rumiz, what do you think about this?

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