Hotel Rwanda Inspire Paul Rusabagin Convicted of Terrorism

Paul RusebaginaHotel Rwanda is famous for its film, which tells the story of rescuing hundreds of people during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, on Monday (September 20) a Rwandan court convicted of terrorism and sentenced to 25 years in prison. New York Times Report

From exile in Belgium, he led a political opposition, an armed wing of which was the National Liberation Front (FLN), according to the BBC. “The time has come for us to use every possible means to bring about change in Rwanda,” Rusabagina said in a video message calling for a change of government in 2018.

The FLN was accused of carrying out attacks that year that killed nine people. Rusabagina admits to helping the group financially but denies being involved in targeting civilians.

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“The court further found that they were very aware in this group that they were carrying out terrorist activities, they wanted to carry out terrorist activities and this is proved by what they did while they were in that political party. They formed FLN which is an illegal armed group They invaded Rwanda in 2019 and are still proud of it in various announcements and videos, ”the judge said, according to CNN.

After the Rwandan genocide, Rusabagina gradually became a public critic of the country’s president Paul Kagame, Accordingly Bar. In response, Kagame accused Rousseau of making money from false stories of his heroism and conspiring to overthrow the government.

In 1994, Rusebagina operated a luxury hotel in the capital, Kigali, when ethnic Hutus riots broke out and killed an estimated 800,000 ethnic Tutsis. He turned the hotel into a haven for Tutsi and moderate Hutus, saving more than 1,200 lives. The story was filmed in a 2004 film Hotel Rwanda, With the actor Don Chadle, Russeabagina portrating

President George W. Bush Presented Rousseau Bagina in 2005 with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This medal is awarded to those who have contributed to national security, world peace or culture.

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