How Becky G’s new beauty brand empowers the Latinux community

E! News: Your eyeshadow palette also has positive reminders to make you feel good about yourself. Can you share a little more about why it was important for you to include these messages?

BG: “The beauty spot is full of fun and great trends, but sometimes the trends can make you think, ‘Am I good enough for this? Am I cool enough to do it?’ Growing up on the Internet and getting out of the Internet, it wasn’t always the most positive and uplifting place.That process of self-discovery and that part of self-discovery has been self-accepted. That’s something that is a daily habit – some days I Stay connected to the frequency and some day I understand [it costs me a little bit more]. “

“It’s one of the honest things I share with my fans all the time. It takes work and effort, and you deserve to keep that effort to yourself. Not to look a certain way or speak a certain way, but then, we have to be successful. And it’s like, ‘Can I have a little moment ?! So practicing those suffixes has done a lot for me, and infused it into something. “Even if it goes over someone’s head, they’re touching something that is very intentional. And I think it’s really nice.”

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