How Crown Princess Diana recreated iconic fashion

Any waltzing, fox-trotting or general boogie was private until then, when the news camera first caught the Prince and Princess of Wales dancing together with a charity ball in Sydney in 1983, a trip that was virtually rebuilt. The crown.

“I want to say that the most challenging thing was the right kind of clothes, especially for Diana, on her and Charles’ Australian tour, ”said Sidney Roberts. “The reason Diana wore it here was because of the special weight of the 80’s fabric, which was originally silk. [including this ice-blue Bruce Oldfield confection], And so how do they drape on the body. In addition to the weight, they were also very distinctly the color and shade of the ’80s. “

He goes on to say, “Like everything in fashion, fabric trends have continued, meaning that the specificity of that particular fabric was hard to find in contemporary clothing stores. , We’ve created a collection that really suits Diana’s four outfits for the rest of the season. “

Show Costume Designer, Amy Roberts, Let me know Guardian The blue dress, “It was her intentional choice. There’s been a lot of irritation on this tour, but this dress was the moment you felt they love each other. There’s a kind of romance and youth.

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