How Surina Jindal and Melania Chandra flattened “Chick Flick”

E !: At the same time, the movie is a friend movie. What makes you want to focus on friendship as opposed to romance?

Surina Jindal: We feel like a rum-com for our friendship. We wanted to turn it on his head as much as possible. So many friends have comedy movies, lots of rom-coms so much “chick flicks.” What can we do about this other plot that can read anything other than the parody? And how do we want to see these characters move forward? Want to get in the mail with just one guy about it? We didn’t want to do that. We really wanted Serena and Mail and our journey together to make it happen. Keep it consistent with the rudeness of a strong female friendship.

E !: How much truth was the film based on? Were the two of you inspired by something that happened in your life?

MC: Friendship and character are many of us but higher. All of this originated from Surina and I — our real life friends since 2011. I am more of a type A and much more a planner, and Surina is very independent and speaks her mind without hesitation. We really complement each other and we just wanted to capitalize on it. It is very honest with us.

SJ: One part that is super-real dry-humping. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional.

MC: Even in my marriage. She was my bridesmaid … everyone is posing very sweetly and beautifully, and she comes to me and my photo with Surina is her dry hump mine, and I’m trying to compose.

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