Howard University has received the largest alumni grant nationally

Kind couple and alumnus of Howard University Eddie And C. Sylvia Brown HBCU is donating the most alumni ever received.

According to a press release, the Browns pledged 5 million to be allocated for Graduation Retention Access to Continued Excellence (GRACE), a need-based fund established by the President of Howard University. Dr. Way Wayne AI Frederick In 2014.

“We are extremely grateful to Eddie and Sylvia for giving this historic gift to Howard University,” Frederick said. “Grace Grant Howard has helped students overcome financial barriers to learning, and I am glad that Brown was inspired to make such a generous gift to this important fund. My hope is that students will be inspired by their stories and generosity, and that others in our alumni community will consider many ways in which Howard students can influence current and future generations.

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The Browners say they are giving back because Howard gave them a chance when a community organizer helped them get into school when their little money was growing.

“I moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania when I was 15,” said Eddie Brown. “We had a community organizer who would look for black and black children in the community. He came to me and my mother one day and said, ‘I was approached by a woman who wanted to help a young African-American student go to college.’ And that was my tenth grade English teacher, who was actually a graduate of Howard [who] Said, ‘You should go to Howard University.’ ‘

Eddie later received a full-travel scholarship due to his family’s financial situation which allowed him to graduate with a degree in electrical engineering. He later became the founder of Baltimore-based Brown Capital Management, which manages লার 17.3 billion in assets today and is one of the oldest black-owned asset management companies in the country.

“We’re very lucky to have been able to go to Howard,” said Sylvia Brown. “I had student loans, and I know how hard it is. From a family of four, my parents tried their best, but it wasn’t enough to pay all the fees. And that’s our mantra, to give to others and get them at least a bachelor’s degree. Help them to be able to have a good foundation.

“Our only hope is that students who benefit from our contributions give their best,” he added.

GRACE grants provide financial relief for students and aim to increase graduation rates in a timely manner. According to Howard University, students in the program experienced a 17 percent increase compared to those who did not receive grants and an average four-year graduation rate of 78 percent.

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