Iconic !: Destiny Jones is building a makeup empire that pays homage to her father Nass

Destiny Jones In the next generation of beauty inventors! Recently, the daughter of a rapper In Chat with Ebony Magazine How her love of shiny lips pays homage to her famous father as a result of her growing makeup business.

“I’ve loved makeup since I was a kid,” Jones told the publication about his brand of matic cosmetics. Friends are very proud to see me wearing my lipstick when they go out. ”

At the age of 19, she still found herself interested in lip gloss and decided to turn her passion into a business called her father’s iconic album, Sick. “I decided to start my own organic lip gloss line, [Lipmatic] And it has been branded to include New York, hip-hop and the culture I grew up in. ”

Using his love of hip-hop, Jones revealed that his stylish glossy collection is specifically designed to highlight hip-hop culture.

“The name of my cosmetic product [inspired] Various elements of New York and hip-hop reference songs and by legendary artists, ”he explained. “For example, X-Factor Lipshine ($ 17) is named after Mrs. Icon’s iconic song. Lorraine Hill, And Jamaica Avenue. Jewel Lipgloss ($ 14) represents the part of Queens where I come from. “

The CEO went on to explain that his inspiration lies in inclusion. “I’m inspired by the younger generation,” he explains. Creative young black women have their own stories to tell.

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How his father inspired his entrepreneurship, the 27-year-old admits he followed your path to success. “My dad must have taught me to focus on what I’m doing and not be distracted by anyone else. I have my own vision and my own path. He taught me to believe in myself and be confident,” Jordan said. Any business has its ups and downs but your love for what you are doing will always inspire you. As long as you don’t give up, you will succeed. “

Her gloss poppin! To learn more about matic cosmetics, visit maticcosmetics.com.

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