Illinois professor charged with hate crime after spitting on a black woman News

A college professor in Oak Park, Illinois, has been charged with hate crime after being accused of spitting and racially abusing a black woman and her 7-year-old daughter.

According to WBBM-TV, Alberto Friedman Earlier this month, the incident led to allegations of deadly assault and hate crimes.

On Sept. 2, prosecutors claimed the woman and her daughter were in their car but the woman’s mother did not stop the vehicle while she waited to finish shopping at a jewelry store.

Later, the woman sees someone honking and screaming and sees the accused in her jaguar. Prosecutors say Friedman called the woman “N-Ward” and demanded that her car be removed.

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When the woman motioned for Friedman to drive around him, he continued to racially abuse the woman and her daughter, and then allegedly alighted from her car and approached them while shouting more obscene things. Prosecutors say the woman tried to get out of her car before Friedman closed the door and spat in her face.

WBBM-TV reported that Friedman told the woman that he complained that he did not like blacks.

After Friedman returned to his car, the woman came out and tried to get her license plate number but no one was seen, according to prosecutors.

As the woman was walking around his car in the passenger side of Friedman’s car, he sped his car toward the woman, almost hitting her and hitting the driver’s side bumper and the driver’s side door in the back of his car.

Witnesses began intervening after Friedman got out of his car. He later confessed to spitting at the woman and hitting her in the car, WBBM-TV reported. Police have received surveillance video of the incident taken from the Jewel Store.

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