In Charlemagne, Tha God responded to Busy’s call: “I’m on the side of blackness.”

As previously reported, TS Madison joined ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Tuesday and talked about a number of topics, including the previous interaction between Busy and Lil Nass X. During the interview, Charlemagne expressed his views on rappers about making music about violence and drugs and then making moral judgments on others.

“None of them have the right to say that Lil Nass X is harmful to kids,” Charlemagne said. “If you’ve ever talked about violence against people, the use of drugs or the celebration of sale, you can’t stand that moral high. It’s not just for Busy, it’s for everyone. “

A few hours later, Busy responded to comments under a random, ‘paid in full’ anniversary tweet. He hinted to Charlemagne that he was “part of the problem of dimming these people on your show with this brother.”

Although there was no immediate response, Charlemagne joined the platform’s ‘rumor report’ section on Wednesday to clear the air. Angela Yeh, a longtime co-host of Charlemagne, usually hosts news roundups.

“I am not on any side, I am in favor of blackness. First and foremost imma send Boosie healing power. I don’t even know what I was able to do with it. If I was wrong, I thought I was included, when I said we can’t stand on that moral high ground, ”Charlemagne said. “As far as pointing at someone and saying that they are harmful to children because we have all said or done something that has probably negatively affected children. I said I was included. “

Angela then shouted that TS Madison was the person who raised Busy’s name. Charlemagne agrees that “TS Madison was talking about Busy, not me.”

“Breakfast Club“To me, there has always been a platform for Black Voice, the way Busy can come here and express himself, TS Madison can come here and express himself.” Charlemagne Says

Charlemagne’s full response:

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