In the Joe Bowden viral podcast clip, he apparently reacts after being declared “bisexual”

Joe Bowden is not new to trending status on Twitter. From exchanging words with people to harsh criticism, he usually lets his Twitter fingers fly. But, on Thursday, he became a subject for talk in his own creation, The Joe Bowden Podcast.

Earlier today, users took to Twitter to discuss Joe’s sexuality due to a viral clip from his latest episode: ‘You have to be new here.’ Revealed yesterday, Joe and co-hosts discussed DaBaby’s upcoming tour ‘Live Show Kila’ as part of their nearly two-hour long drop.

Dabbi on tour

As previously reported, DaBaby plans to hit stages across the United States between November 2020 and February 2022. Rolling Loud is presenting a 22-city tour, which includes Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles. The announcement was made by Goendolin D., CEO of LGBTQIA + Org Relationships Unleashed. Clemens told TMZ via email that DaBaby has been working on his release since his comments at Rolling Loud Miami earlier this year.

“We believed that the root of his lack of comprehensive understanding of these kinds of social problems was in the place of misinformation and sheer ignorance,” Goendolin complained. “However, given the opportunity to move forward and do better, we believe our objectives were highly effective and yes, he was able to perform at Rolling Loud NY.”

Joe Bowden makes the statement

After reading an excerpt from an article about Joe’s co-host tour and Gwendolyn’s comments, Joe Budden gave an unexpected response.

“I’m bisexual,” says Joe Bowden. “How do I spread the word?”

Joe made the comment vague while discussing allowing his co-hosts to perform from “gays”. A few seconds later, Joe says down “I like boys and girls, spread the word.” He ended this special comment by saying, “I’m down, I’ve seen enough.”

All hosts discussed their disbelief in the report about the alleged permission granted by Relationship Unleashed. At one point before his sexual comments, the former rapper turned into a media personality calling the situation “extortion.”

He claimed he could be dismissed after saying it.

Nevertheless, people on social media are debating whether this confession is true. Joe could add some fuel to the fire with his Thursday afternoon tweet.

“Ahhhh, I can see the word is out, please spread the word,” Joe wrote.

He later replied to a user. The account tweeted that Joe “will / will say anything to get some feedback SMH.”

Joe replied: “Haha, who told you to see?”

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