In the latest version of the Biden Expenditure Plan, HBCU funding has been reduced from $ 45 billion to just $ 2 billion.

The struggle to overcome the funding crisis in some historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) may be more difficult than expected.

HBCU had expected the Biden administration to provide সহায়তা 45 billion in financial support, but the Democratic Infidelity Biden could reduce that number to just 2 2 billion in its spending plan, the Associated Press reported.

The ৫ 5 trillion cost bill included ৫ 5 billion for HBCU and other minority service providers.

However, Democrats disagree on the size of the economic package and where the money should go, according to the AP.

The latest version of the bill allocates $ 2 billion for education activities and infrastructure at HBCU, which could be reduced to competitive grants rather than direct funding.

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Roderick L. SmothersThe president of Little Rock’s Philander Smith College, Arch., A private HBCU, hoped to receive funding from the president’s original package to expand the program for its students. Less than 100 percent of them come from low-income families.

She planned to launch a public health school to train students to help reduce the health inequality of the black community and help address the nursing deficit in the state.

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Biden’s original plan considered a legacy of inequality that made HBCU competitively competitive in securing research funding, The Washington Post Noticed.

For decades, the federal government has denied HBCU funding that it primarily provides to white schools for infrastructure development and research. State lawmakers have followed the same discriminatory approach year after year.

According to the AP, the growing ow for all HBCUs in 2019 was over .9 9 billion. It’s just the equivalent of the University of Minnesota.

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