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15. To be fair, they had the right to dream big. After all, the music legend reached out to Prince Them. “He knows everything about the show,” executive producer Bear E said! News of 2014. “He contacted Gambling and Hannah [Simone] Asked to do live and show. “

The original plan was to cast The Purple One in a Season Two episode called “Virgins,” but he rejected them, revealing them to Meriwether Vultures. “Obviously, insightfully: the episode was very brutal,” he admitted. “But we were told he would be interested in coming back to do something else at another time.” He followed at the start of the third season and after the series aired in the post-Super Bowl slot. “It was the perfect time,” Bear noted.

The crew created the idea that his house party would end, the musician agreed with a caution. “He said,‘ I want to be involved in the show in a real way and I want to help Nick and Jess with their relationship, ’” said executive producer Finkel EK! News. Bear added, “He’s a Nick and Jess Shipper!”

16. And, yes, he had some more demands – but they all stemmed from his obsession with making the episode the best of all time. “She wanted to choose the name of the non-speaking chef character, the chef’s dress, the paintings on the wall, the linen on the bedroom set, her dress, the gambling dress, the music, the pancakes, the hairstyle,” Meriwether told Vulture in detail. A poem written in the shape of an egg, flew from Minnesota hanging on the wall of the set.His gaze of the episode was everywhere, but I never felt overwhelmed.He always asked what I was thinking.It was like he was telling me to get up to meet him. ”

In the middle of a week-long overnight shoot, he goes to Mariwether with another suggestion: to surprise Jess in a dark closet, he asks “Isn’t that funny?” If he lights a lighter under his chin instead of a flashlight. “I tried to stay cool,” Meriwather recalled. “Yeah, it’s more fun. Let’s do it. ‘It was as if there was never a world where doing what was inside the Prince’s head wasn’t one of the biggest opportunities of my life.”

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