Inside Marius’s Cinematic Universe

In the narrow street of a narrow video store in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, The Marius is in their happy place. Fully dressed in black, producer / multi-instrumentalist Josh Conway and singer Maria Jordoa spend the summer in Goth. They’re a little scary at first – maybe it’s their smooth look – but it’s all for appearance. In fact, their behavior does not reflect their choice of clothing.

“An opening feeling in one of these tapes!” Jordoa is called glue in the afternoon. Crowded rows of VHS stores filled with favorite choices in the early 2000s Blue Crush, Honey And Sweet thing.

“It simply came to our notice then Absolutely Our feelings, ”Conway notes as he scans through the store’s collection.

Zardoya doesn’t let his underlying film fool him. “Some of these ages weren’t good, but it just shows that we’re moving forward as a society,” he said as he picked up a DVD box set. Titanic. Viewing a copy of it Big fish, He spat “It was shot on a small island off the coast of Alabama – a Goat Island. ”

It is no coincidence that we are here. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The first album in bilingual psych-pop costumes released in June is aptly titled Movies. Zardoya can find love for his films in his childhood.

The Puerto Rican-born singer recalled, “My father introduced me to a director whom I love as Pedro Almodদেvar.” “They both grew up at the same time [Francisco] Franco Spain, and there was a huge creative revolution that took place after Franco who was in Almodডvar.

Growing up, Zardoa wanted to be an Almodাvar girl. From high school, he began studying film. Spike Lee’s Do the right thing And Hitchcock became a gateway for him. When he was in college, he continued his studies in film. “It’s just in my blood.”

When she started making music with Conway in 2001, it was because of the pitch on TV and movies. Through a friend, they connect with a music supervisor who will send them a summary of a scene and they will have to write music for them in a few days. It didn’t just teach them how to write songs together fairly quickly, it taught them how to think like filmmakers. They will imagine based on the words in their minds – everything from the color of the scene to the lighting and set design.

“It all happened very smoothly,” says Zardoya, “where my love for movies and movies blended together to make music.”

Conway notes that they were “forced to imagine music” because a black lab called Indy was running with the two. “He’s like, ‘I’m with an indie band right now,'” Jordoa quipped.

Credit: Ashley Seren

Before the epidemic, the Los Angeles-based band had already written their debut record. But when it starts, they challenge themselves to do everything again. “[We were] Paying too much attention to detail, maybe an error at certain times, “Conway recalls. Only five of the original tracks made it Movies – The other eight were created during the epidemic. “Those five have been put through the ring,” he said.

The principle of their perfect work arises from never wanting to do the same thing twice. Of the band Superclean The EP – which was released in 2017 and 2018 – features a smooth sound and visual. For their debut LP, they remade their previous work and created an Ethereal Nair soundtrack that pays homage to similar synths and classic films.

As always, they wrote from their apartment, but their mentality at the time of making was different Movies. After the assassination of George Floyd and the continuing racial injustice in the United States and around the world, they felt the need to take a step back.

“From May to July, we literally forgot the album,” Conway says. “We didn’t even touch the computer. It was really hard to write and do something that didn’t seem to help.

They took the time to learn and took part in the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Los Angeles. “It was like going to a show, and everyone was singing the same words of a song, but [it’s] Jordoa says the reason you were there has been extended.

Movies A big label could be the band’s first release.

“We’ve been doing it ourselves for so long that we needed some extra help,” Zardoa said. “We were just doing all this, we paid the price for everything. We were ready for a big team, so that we could support our vision. ”

They wanted to feel independent, but still have the pressure of a major label behind them. “That’s why we went to Atlantic / Nice Life,” Conway said. “It had to be good people, and it had to feel like we were still doing it ourselves.”

But with Movies, Their passion for film scores was inseparable for the band – as Piero Pixioni did in 1968. It was first heard as a fine string arrangement of the opener “Just a Feeling” and later as a trumpet arrangement throughout a handful of recorded songs.

Throughout the writing process, the effects of the epidemic entered some songs. A description of the claustrophobia and desire to escape trapped inside “All I Really Want Is You”. (“Now you can’t see the light inside my head / You have to see it in my window.”) Although “heavy” addresses the opposite of that feeling – not wanting to find comfort inside. (“Can anyone tell me it’s okay to be under the cover?”) The reality of “Fog Is Bullet” near the album’s dream re-entered their music, written the day after Kobe Bryant was tragically murdered in Los Angeles. The band finds comfort in leaning towards escapism but reflects events from the outside world.

For the next time, Marius is not fully prepared to leave Movies The era is still. “We have a big bank of songs that didn’t seem quite right in its order Movies That we are reconsidering and playing like a follow-up, “Zardoya said.” So, not like the end. Movies, But its continuation before the next era. May be the second episode. ”

But no matter what decision they make, Zardoa believes fans should always be prepared to expect something different from them in order to make things interesting.

“I think being a supporter of The Marius means you have to accept it [can’t] Expect a certain thing, because we’ll just try to change it.

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