Inside the personal father-daughter bond of Eminem and Hailey Jade Mathers

“I said your name but always tried to hide your face,” she was raped in “Castles” in 2017. Revival, Hailey that Hailey never had to carry any of her belongings on her shoulders because she was her baby.

“This game is crazy / I wanted to claim my love for you but curse / I never knew it would be like this / If I did, I wouldn’t do it / Are you being punished now?”

As everyone has said, Hailey Z – either a Monica or just her existence – has performed about two dozen songs in her career. (“Haley, honey, I didn’t want to make you percent of what I said,” he suggested in 2017’s “In Your Head”)

The height of her daughter’s involuntary fame probably came in 2002 thanks to that The Eminem ShowIts double track “Hailey’s Song” (“My Baby Girl Grows Up Like-Don’t Make Me Crazy / Inside It Makes Me Crazy / My Insecurity Can Eat Me Alive) / But Then I See My Baby / Suddenly I’m Not Crazy / When I’m When I look into his eyes, everything is understood “) and” My father has gone mad. “

Which includes the unforgettable features of 6-year-old Hailey “I think my father is gone Cray-Jah! “Hook, that’s what Eminem said Rolling stone In 2004, he came along.

“If I think I’m working too hard, I’ve let the kids come to the studio,” he said, explaining how their collaboration came about. “I’ve got this little guilt trip inside, so I’ll just bring Kim to her and let her tour the studio. So I and [Dr.] Dray Working together, and Hailey was running around the studio and she was [in a little girl high voice], ‘Someone help me! I think my dad went crazy!

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