Interview: Meet Judge Ronda Wills, give justice to one family at a time

The city has a new TV judge that brings a special kind of justice to the courtroom scene during the day. This courtroom drama, however, has a unique twist. All the plaintiffs are family members with legal disputes against each other.

Relative trial with Judge Ronda Wills Debuted on Monday (September 1) earlier this month. Judge Rhonda uses her years of legal skills to unravel family dramas (sometimes emotional ones) to resolve and resolve family drama conflicts as well as heal hurt feelings and mend broken relationships.

Rhonda WillsThe University of Texas School of Law Alumni launched the Houston-based Wills Law Firm nearly two decades ago. Wills said BET.com His law practice focuses on “representing everyday Americans affected by corporations”.

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Many of her cases involve catastrophic personal injury, employment lawsuits, sexual harassment and harassment, as well as racial, gender and LGBTQ + discrimination.

Wills has appeared frequently on radio and TV, co Tom Joyner’s Morning Show, CNN And Inside the version, Sharing his thoughts on the validity of various high-profile cases.

Now, Wills speaks with his own TV show as a big jump on the center stage and in the national spotlight.

BET.com: Congratulations! What does it feel like to have your own TV program?

Judge Rhonda: I’m so excited. It’s something I’ve spent a lot of time with and it was labor of love. And I’m so excited that it’s finally coming to TV, and we’ll be able to share it with America.

BET.com: What motivated you to create a jazz show that focuses on family disputes?

Judge Rhonda: Amazing thing about Relative judgment This is unlike any other court TV show in which only our family members sue. They are related by blood, marriage or children. So, when you take a normal debate and you add a layer to it to become a family member, it really opens up a completely different dynamic.

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On Relative judgment, I try to combine the two things that I like the most and that are the most important in my life. First, obviously, the law, which I have spent my life in, has practiced my career and so I have combined my love of law with family.

BET.com: What you expect your audience to grab after watching Relative judgment?

Judge Rhonda: You have to see Relative judgment Every day because the cases are going to be different. Some facts are so funny that I am laughing so loudly that I can just get my verdict out. And there are other cases where it is very emotional and deep. It’s so raw that I’m almost crying. Then there are other incidents where family members have done something so toxic, so horrible, so horrible that I literally have to break them down and go over them and tell them how to do better, not just follow the law, but they How they treat their own family.

I often call experts. The one who comes to mind is a black, Harvard-educated dermatologist who testified in a case involving a black woman whose cousin had her hair cut forever. One day after her cousin cut her hair, the cousin gave her a big bald spot on the top of her head and so she sued him.

There are other specialties that I have, where we look for many deep family injuries. There are many cases where family counseling is needed and they are referred to a therapist. Many times, especially in the black community, we stigmatize to get counseling and therapy. But to heal our family, we often need it.

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BET.com: I’ve noticed that you often add life lessons before you give a verdict in a case. Where will you get that pearl of wisdom?

Judge Rhonda: I got that pearl of wisdom from life, have a big family, from my friends and my own clients. I have four children and I am one of five. My grandmother had 10 children and I have more than 54 cousins.

Virtually every single scene that comes before me Relative judgment, I can absolutely identify with what is happening. This is very familiar to me when something like this happens to me or my huge family members, or my friends or clients.

Judge Ronda Wills

BET.com: What inspired you to become a lawyer?

Judge Rhonda: I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer, even as a little girl. I have always seen the injustice of the world as something I wanted to change. And so the only way I can make a difference is to be a lawyer.

Even as a little girl, growing up in a small farming community in East Texas (Winona, Texas), I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. And so I systematically did everything I had to do to get there.

I was the first person in my family to get a college degree. I’m the only person in my family who has a law degree, but I always knew I could do it.

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BET.com: I understand that your road to success was paved with challenges.

Judge Rhonda: I have a very loving family. And you know, there’s a saying that it takes a gram. I had a large family in my village. It was primarily my mother and my grandmother. My grandfather, my aunt, my uncle … they were my village. They raised and encouraged me. Although I have become very poor, with a level of poverty most people in this country probably don’t even realize, we would always be encouraged, first of all, to get an education.

My grandmother always told me that I would face other people who could be richer and smarter than me and could afford more. But one thing I can always control is how hard I work. This is how I encourage other young women and girls, especially black women and black girls. You can do whatever you want. No matter where you come from, you just have to work because that’s the one thing you control. Never, ever let anyone make you work. That was my motto.

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