Ivana Lynch shares a “recovery journey” after eating chaos in memory

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The actress added, “Now that I’m showing who’s on that page in real life, that’s what I want. I want to be honest with people.”

Lynch takes her inexhaustible creative consciousness not only to her acting, but also to her dancing and other passions to move her body, which she says is a huge part of her mental health practice. A lot he has done with Luna Lovegood Kumar In the films, Lynch still associates most with creative, wild roles, noting that “many times creative women make the mistake of going crazy, because we have this fire and this sensitivity.”

And, of course, Lynch still remembers his days Harry Potter Set with humble respect. “I think, every day, these brave, optimistic souls are showing up and putting all their hearts and all their energy into creating this world, and the result was amazing,” he recalls. “It creates this smooth, magical world where kids and adults see and believe it, but it all comes from their imagination.”

That perspective also seems to have influenced his memoir writing process: “And I always come back to that, I’m always influenced by it, the power of imagination, the fact that you can see something in your little reading and calm down with your own mind at home, and You can keep it out of the world and it can make things. It’s real life magic to me. “

The opposite of butterfly hunting: tragedy and the glory of growing up End 19 October.

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