Jada Pinkett Smith explains why it is difficult to maintain a healthy bedroom life with husband Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith has become an open book about her life and relationships, especially her marriage to husband Will Smith through her show ‘Red Table Talk’.

The Wednesday episode featuring Gwyneth Paltrow was no different as the women discussed the challenges of maintaining a good sex life as well as communicating personal needs with your partner.

“It’s hard,” Jada said. “The thing that Will and I talked about a lot is the journey. We started it at a very young age, you know, at 22 years old. That’s why part of the responsibility really hit me because I think you want to know your partner [what you need], Especially when it comes to sex. It’s like, ‘Well, if you love me, you should know. If you love me, you should read my mind. ‘ It’s a huge disaster. “

Jada, who has been married to Will for 23 years, agrees with Gwyneth when he says that a person can feel “crushed” when their partner is not able to understand what is inside their head.

“You tell me what you need. Tell me what you want, and on top of that, I know I have to be accountable for doing the same thing … I really try. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s deeply healthy, and I think about sex, because it’s something we don’t talk about and there’s a lot of fantasy around it, ”Jada said.

We all know that the marriage of Will and Jada was something other than traditional. In July 2020, sitting at the same red table, Jada revealed that he and Will had temporarily separated a few years ago and confirmed his relationship with August Alsina, who had publicly exploded their hidden relationship.

Then in a September interview with GQ magazine, Will shared that he was also involved in other sexual relationships.

“Jada never believed in conventional marriage,” Will told GQ. “Jadar had family members who had an unconventional relationship. So he has grown up in a way that is very different from the way I grew up. There was significant endless discussion about, what is relational perfection? What is the perfect way to communicate as a couple? And for the most part in our relationship, we chose monogamy, not monogamy as the only relational fulfillment. “

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