Janet Hubert hospitalized: “Anger will eat you alive”

Janet Hubert, known as the real aunt of the hit sitcom, ‘Fresh Prince of Bell-Air’, shared that she was hospitalized. Although he gave no reason, Hubert went into detail about the anger and what it could do to anyone.

Posting a picture of last year’s “Fresh Prince of Bell-Air” reunion, Hubert revealed that holding on to anger will eat you alive. He addressed Will Smith and told her he loved her.

Its caption reads, “Don’t waste precious time angering people. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Hubert continued, “Life is too short because I’m in the hospital because I’m writing this to all of you. Holding on to anger will eat you alive. But the truth is at any cost.[.]”Hubert concludes his message with a note for Will Smith,” he said. I love you, for being strong enough to tell the truth, and share your pain and trauma. Now we make our living by closing the door. Peace is over! “

As you know, there was a conflict between Smith and Hubert for decades that resulted in him leaving the show. Hubert accused Will of firing him, but Will insisted that the real problem was that Hubert wanted to make a show around his character, Aunt Viv.

“He’s crazy now, but he’s been crazy all the time. He once said, ‘I’ve been in business for ten years and this snotty-nosed punk comes and gets a show.’ In any case, to him, I’m just anti-Christian, “Will said back in 1993.

The reunion in 2020 put an end to their feud. While talking to each other, Hubert asked, “I just wanted to know one thing – why did you go so far? I’ve lost so much … you have no idea.”

Admit to be sensitive and understand how he “made the set very difficult.”

Rumira, let’s wish her a speedy recovery.

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