Janet Hubert said she came home after revealing she was in the hospital

It was clear after Janet Hubert’s recent split that she was hospitalized. The ‘Fresh Prince of Bell-Air’ actress has revealed that she was in the hospital when she talked about the dangers of anger. Janet shared the news in an Instagram post over the weekend. Then, on Tuesday, he gave an update that he was back home.

In the first post or Tuesday’s update, Janet did not mention why she was in the hospital. Before he posed and healed in the updated post, he took a moment to address the media and critical online users.

“Wow … the press and all of you are ready to whirl around like vultures,” Janet wrote. “Well this body will reach out and grab your shots and feed you dinner.”

Thanks to Janet Will Smith

Janet is apparently addressing a number of headlines and critiques published after her first post. Although he spent only one line revealing that he was hospitalized, the rest of his post focused on letting go of anger.

“Don’t waste people’s precious time being angry. Yes people will mistake you and you have to fight for the truth no matter how long, and if you can find the truth that you are looking for খুঁজুন find love again like us. Life is too short because I’m in the hospital because I’m writing to all of you. “

“Anger will eat you alive,” he continued. Then, he mentioned Will Smith and their reunion in November. Along with her post, she shared a picture of her and Will on the set of the show.

“Fame is priceless. I love you Will, to be strong enough to tell the truth, and share your pain and trauma. Now we live our lives behind closed doors,” Janet wrote.

Janet leaves the hospital

Her latest post echoes her feelings about healing and positivity. However, it also gave an update on his health condition.

“I’m at home and my health is my business,” Janet wrote. “To many of you who have helped me feel better with your good wishes … thank you! Heals positively, kills negatively. Live your life, I’m alive. “

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