Japanese Breakfast Cover Wizard Live on Electric Lady EP

Japanese Breakfast is the latest artist to visit Electric Lady Studios in New York to record an EP for Spotify.

In addition to John Batist, Patty Smith, Natalie Bergman and Faye Webster, the Japanese breakfast was accompanied by the Quartet 121 string section for their Electric Lady set. The band performed “Be Sweet” and “Savage Good Boy” and included two of their 2021 songs. Jubilee, “Strategy” and “Kokomo, IN.” The EP features two tracks from band leader Michelle Jauner’s side project, Bumper’s “Ballad 0” and her previous band, Little Big League’s “Lindsay”.

“Recording at Electric Lady was a really perfect experience,” Japanese Breakfast said in a statement. “The longer I worked as a recording artist, the more I realized that it was the simplest, most striking song that was the hardest to get right. Having the opportunity to revisit the original catalog of my songwriting in a house with so much history surrounded by engineers and high-powered gear, it was just a dream come true. “

The set also features the Japanese breakfast cover Weser’s “She Eats It So”, a song originally recorded in the studio in 1993.

Zauner’s discerning voice is anchored to the strings around him, the guitar-steered, alt-rock “That It Into So” revived in a dreamy orchestral serenade.

“I once played a very sloping basement cover of‘ She’s In It So ’with my band in college, she continues. “So it was fun to snatch it with a string quartet and watch it again from the opposite angle. Craig Hendrix arranged and performed the hell out of Quartet 121’s.

Japanese Breakfast – Live at Electric Lady EP track list

Ballad 0
Be sweet
Kokomo, IN
Rude Good Boy
Say it’s not so

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