Jassi Smollett faced trial after the judges refused to dismiss him

Despite his efforts to dismiss the 2019 lawsuit, Jassi Smollett is facing trial on charges of lying to police about a crime. According to NBC News, a Cook County judge rejected his offer to drop the criminal case. The verdict was handed down on Friday, which means Jassi will have to fight the charges in court.

His lawyer, Neni Uche, argued in court that the verdict violated Jassi’s rights. Apparently, the actor has already made a deal in Cook County to drop the allegations. The agreement included community service and confiscated $ 10,000 bonds.

Still, Judge James Lin was not going for it. A special prosecutor appointed by another judge has now placed the case in their hands. Therefore, Judge James gave his verdict on the basis of his refusal to “upset that system”.

What happened in 2019?

As you may remember, Juicy was charged in 2019 with racist and gay hate crimes. He then told police that two men wearing the cap of “Make America Great Again” attacked him in Streetville – a prosperous neighborhood in northern Chicago. The former ‘Empire’ actor told police that men insulted him racially and gayly and tied a noose around his neck. As a result, the police investigated the incident as an alleged heinous crime.

After reporting the crime, police were unable to confirm the story with visual evidence. Investigators spoke with brothers Ola and Abel Osandairo and gave them a different version of the story.

Former Chicago Police Super Eddie T. Johnson concluded that Jassi actually paid the brothers 3, 3,500 for a fake assault gig. The actor hoped to “improve his career” based on the responses to the attack.

Nevertheless, Juicy has maintained her innocence throughout all the allegations. Last year, he joined Mark Lamont Hill on Instagram Live for an interview. He shared that he felt frustrated in his own silence because of the lawsuits.

“They won’t let it go,” Juicy said. “It doesn’t matter. Creating an example. And the sad thing is that an example is being set that no one has done what they are being accused of. ”

Although he was indicted by a grand jury in March 2001, the case was dropped a few weeks later, according to NBC News. Then, a special prosecutor picked it up and charged the police with disorderly conduct for lying.

This is a developing story.

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