JayZ spoke in Yeh’s comments about Just Blaze being a copycat cat

Yesterday Ye got several feathers during his episode at “Drink Champs”. He seems to have made comments about everyone, including Sulza Boy, Drake, Big Shawn and producer Just Blaze. Today when JayZ was in a Twitter space room, like Clubhouse, promoting the movie “The Harder the Fall”, he was asked about Yay’s comments about Just Blaze.

If you’ve watched the full episode of “Drink Champs,” you know that you didn’t show any mercy to Just Blaze when Norre told him to choose Blaze and Suez Beatz. He responded immediately, saying he would choose Suez because Blaze copied him while they were working on Jay’s “Blueprint” album. However, it seems that Yay’s comments did not sit well with Joy.

While in the Twitter space, he said, “I think you know again that everyone has their own opinion, and everyone can see things through their own lens.” The legendary rapper further said that some opinions may be true and some of them may not be true. He goes on to say that it is right for people to speak their truth; However, he said Blaze’s comments were somewhat unfair. He explained that his response was because when Blaze helped create the blueprint album, the assignment was to create tracks with soul samples.

“Everyone is bringing souls. You are trying to make a harmonious piece of music. I don’t think anyone is copying anyone. I think everyone made up for this project. “Last night, Blaze also responded to Yay’s comments after the episode” Village, “in a long two-page note. Reportedly, Solja Boy and Big Shaun Yeh fired back online and shared their thoughts.

Rumira, drop your thoughts about the episode.

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