Jennifer Lopez Wesley hits Snipes w / #MeToo: I was ‘broken’ during love scene !!

Jennifer Lopez just dropped a bomb on legendary actor Wesley Snipes, suggesting she was “inappropriate” during their love scene in the Money Train movie, MTO News has learned.

Well Jennifer didn’t specifically mention Wesley’s name – but this is the only graphic love scene she’s done in her career, it’s pretty clear that she’s talking about him.

In a recent interview, Jay Lowe claimed that his “leading man” pushed him into an inappropriate love scene: “He was a big star at the time, had a lot of influence and I was just starting out,” he said. “It was my big break. And he really pressured me. He told me that if the scene wasn’t hot enough, my part would end up on the floor of the cutting room. And it would be bad for my career, as I’d like. Get fame.

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