Jenny Lewis has released the new song ‘Sinner and a Truck’

Jenny Lewis sings the simple joy of life as a 45-year-old in her recently released “Poppy and a Truck”.

In the song, Lewis sings:

My 40s are kicking my ass
And handing me one of their margaritas in a glass …
Like a shot of good luck
I got a puppy and a truck
If you feel like giving up
Shut up
Get a puppy and a truck

Her wavy serenade with the paddle steel of aspiration breathes the spirit of her country, and seeks her little joy. Aging may inevitably leave our lives to find more, yet the vibrancy of the new track proves that Lewis is not slowing down. And we can relax knowing he will have a margarita in his hand for the ride.

The track has been a fan favorite throughout his Harry Styles support Love the tour This year. “Sinner and a Truck” was written by Lewis and produced by Dave Cobb, and Loves Way Out.

In addition to traveling with style, Lewis has sprung up four improbable, yet great collaborative tracks with Chicago rapper Serengeti throughout the year, “Bharum Bhrum,” “GLTR,” “Idiot,” and “Unblue” last December.

Lewis ’most recent record was his 2019 On the line, Following another album that shows only her torso on the cover with a great outfit, 2014 Voyager. If you want to see Lewis on tour this year, lucky for you, you can see him open for style tonight at the Fischer Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has only ten shows left Love the tour, Including Lewis’ final show for three nights on November 17, 19 and 20 at the Inglewood Forum in California.

Previously, Lewis teamed up with Serengeti to release a bunch of songs titled “Broom Broom,” “Unblue” and “Idiot” late last year and earlier this year.

Spin Dusting the archives and republishing our February 2006 Lewis interview profile, Jenny’s last temptation, This January.

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