Jhonni Blaze calls Blac Chyna for a music video match

When it comes to the music industry, everyone wants their credit. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Instagram post or not, people want their recognition. While there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to music videos, Johnny Blaze found time to find similarities between her and Black China music videos when China released a new video that featured her man Lil Twin as her love interest.

As seen in the video, the shadows repeatedly form and serve while wearing wigs of different colors and sit in several colorful rooms with her men. The clip caught the attention of more than 1 million roommates. Although most of them commented on China’s pping-wrapping capabilities, Zhoni took the conversation to his Instagram page.

In a post now deleted, Zoni shared a picture of the twins in the green scene and a clip of her music video NLE Choppa for her recent song “Toxic”, where she had a similar background. However, Jhanir’s music video has not been released yet.

He posted another clip of Chinar from his music video and captioned the post, “Now if I’m Tripin, how about F **? No one director, no fu *** ng, nothing is the same. So how did this happen to F **? “

Although it was clear that Zoni was upset, some roommates did not understand why he was pointing the force at China, when he had not yet released his music video. One person commented, “Looks like you both rented the same place, which means neither of you created content.” Another commented, “So if the video hasn’t been released yet, how is he comparing anything?”

Johnny has been promoting his latest song for some time; However, it may be covered by rumors that he was recently missing, a claim he has apparently denied.

Apparently he took a break from social media to focus on his mental health, which he addressed after his The Breakfast Club shared their interview on 13 September.

Rumiz, do you think Johnny’s claims were valid, or was it a reach?

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