John Legend Celebrity has announced a new initiative to fight systemic racism

John Legend Behind a project to help communities struggling with institutional racism.

According to a press release, Humanitarian is a new initiative that will include a force of elected officials and community members.

The legend said in a statement, “We have launched an initiative called HUMANLEVEL where local governments invite us to work on specific projects to make their communities stronger and more equitable. Many of the problems that our country faces today are difficult to deal with at the federal level. Many problems are really at the doorstep of your mayor, your county council, and your community leaders, how we can support each other, keep each other safe, and rebuild our country in a way that truly includes everyone. ”

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In partnership with FUSE Corps, the national initiative includes an executive fellowship program and a national nonprofit that will house executive fellows from 11 communities: Atlanta, Austin, Birmingham, Durham, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New Orleans, and Orkney. Washington, DC

According to the release, Fellows will work with local communities to develop strategic impact projects designed to meet immediate needs while working toward sustainable and equitable policies in health, education, criminal justice and more.

“Our goal with this partnership is to look deeper at issues from a humanitarian level, focusing on what city leaders can do to address systemic racism,” the legend said. “No single solution can address racial and ethnic inequalities – from housing to education to the workforce – but we must co-operate and approach this work with urgency.”

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