Johnny Marr will release a double album in February, Livestream next month

This is a good day to be a fan of Smith’s non-horrible members.

Johnny Marr has announced the official release date for his upcoming full release Fever dreams The first of its four parts will be released this Friday (October 15) after the project unveiled in August.

“A set of effects and a broad term I’ve been developing – really since coming out of Smiths, and I’ve heard it on this record,” Marr said in a statement. “There are a lot of levels of music in it. We didn’t do it consciously, but I think I got a vocabulary of words. And I’m very satisfied that I was able to use it.”

The 16-track double album will be released via BMG on February 25 and will be available in collectible format with limited edition white vinyl, cassette and limited edition turquoise vinyl exclusive with prints signed from its official store. Independent record store.

In addition, those who pre-order the album through Marr’s official store will receive a discount on Marr’s upcoming livestream before it goes public on October 20th. Live at The Crazy Face Factory, To premiere on November 10, created by Marr himself, Livestream gives fans access to his custom-built Crazy Face Factory studio. Fever Dreams Pts 1-4 Was created. “As described, it will feature both a discussion with Maar and a full-band live performance.

See the full tracklist for this Fever Dreams Pts 1-4 Down.

Fever Dreams Pts 1-4 Track list

1. Spirit power and spirit
2. Receiver
3. All these days
4. Ariel
5. Lightning people
6. Highway Girl
7. Sensory Street
8. Tenement time
9. The speed of love
10. Night and day
11. Counter-Clock World
12. Rubicon
13. The gift of God’s God
14. Ghosts
15. Rotation
16. People

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