Joke fight! Nick Cannon pulls another ridiculous stunt on Kevin Hart

We can’t stop laughing!

The good fun has reached another level in the joke war Nick Cannon And Kevin Hart.

Hart Cannon after plastering a Los Angeles billboard and his phone number Wild n ‘out The creators are back even with a wild joke that includes Hart’s personal jet. Revealing his tactics on Instagram, Canon posted a jumbo photo of himself on the plane to promote his new series, Nick Cannon show.

“Nick Canon’s Kevin Heart Prank – Revealed!”, He captioned his post. “I like you @ kevinhart4real – and I found you as the first guest on my new talk show.

In a follow-up post, he described in more detail how he was able to stop the chaos.

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“Read Uck [Kevin Hart’s] Personal hanger on the weekends and personally wrapping his Lear jet with my whole face! So now wherever he flies he will promote my new show !!! Gacha backbatch !!!, ”he wrote. “#PrankWars #WeDontStop #NickCannonShow” Kevin Rides the Cann !!! “

“You know, I’ll let you know how you feel,” Hart said, responding to the joke with a glance. Nick Cannon show. “It simply came to our notice then. That’s what Nick thinks. Looks like you had one in the hole and you saved it.

“You made me forget the little joke fight we were doing. And you saved the good in the end,” he added.

We can’t wait to see what Kevin Hart has rediscovered his sleeves for Nick Cannon.

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