Joyner’s Lucas accuses Karen Civil of stealing ০ 1,000,000 from her, Karen responds

Rapper Joyner Lucas Karen took Civil on social media for allegedly taking 000 1,000,000 for a consulting job and never following through. In a series of tweets, Joyner said he has been waiting for years to talk about the situation.

Joyner said her son was “on the way” when the alleged theft occurred in 2015. The rapper complained that Karen’s attitude towards him changed after receiving the money.

“I was desperate for help and you knew it,” Joyner tweeted. “After giving you money you became a ghost and didn’t expect me to pop. I’m here. “

Attached to that tweet, he shared the “Marketing Branding Management” document, workspace, content and marketing initiatives, analysis and deal memos. After that tweet, Joyner began to provide insights into the alleged interaction.

Joyner writes, “After paying in front of you, you stopped answering my calls and whenever I hit you, you answered the phone as if I was wasting your day.” “I sent you a Hell message asking you to do your job because my back was against the wall. You took advantage.”

Joyner then admitted that he hadn’t spoken before because he “didn’t want to be blackballed” early in his career. When Cameron called Karen on Twitter a few years ago, Joyner also saw her opportunity. Afterwards, Joyner complained, Karen publicly tried to apologize to him. He shared a text thread exchange between Karen and her partner.

His complaint did not end there. Jenner has also accused Karen of calling her and making harsh remarks about the shooting of a white boy.

Following Joiner’s extensive commentary, Karen made a special statement in the Civil The Shed Room. She refuses That he stole money from her saying that the money was paid on her behalf using a “all parties contracted” budget. He also mentioned some of the demands he had made, including a public apology on the issue of Joyner.

Karen writes, “After Joyner made her first claim, her manager called me to correct the situation, where I said that after apologizing to the public we could happily negotiate because she lied about the money the same platform took from her.” “I recorded the call just for future reference.”

Karen added that both she and Jayna had spoken to Charlamagen this morning. He complained that they agreed to talk on the phone, but Joyner chose social media instead.

“Nothing was stolen or taken from you,” Karen wrote. “Unfortunately, some artists are under the impression that they have 24/7 access.”

See the full exchange and statement below:

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