“Judge Judy” Bailiff says he was “confused” and “disappointed” when he was not invited to the new show

Although many people were looking forward to seeing Judge Judy Schindlin on TV again with her new show “Judge Justice”, it seems that her fellow bailiff Petri Hawkins Bird will not join her.

Once the IMDB released a trailer for the TV show, people were surprised to find that Bailiff Byrd was nowhere to be found and that Judy’s former security guard had been replaced by Kevin Rasco. Shindlin.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Byrd said he was not told about the new show. He mentioned that he came to know about “Judge Justice” when it was announced on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in March 2020.

When discussing the show, he said he auditioned for the opportunity to be on the new program. “I guess if you were going to do something else, you were at least going to ask me if I would like to get a chance to audition for this role,” Byrd told EW.

Byrd added that he finally called and was told that his “price had been set.” He said, “It wasn’t until July that I called the judge and asked, ‘Hey, should I look for something else, or should I be included?’ Judy judged Project? ”

Baird added, “He told me I wasn’t being asked to come to the project. I didn’t ask why, it’s his choice. But he told me that basically, I was valued as the new bailiff on his new show. My salary would have been much higher. I’m curious. I was: how will he know? He didn’t ask me. He didn’t give me a chance to get a lower salary. “

It was his wife, the producer of “Judge Judy” and Makita Bond-Baird’s “brain surgery” and doctors asked her to join “Judge Judy” to successfully remove 95% of her tumor.

Byrd said he knew God had something bigger for him. “I know if I did something wrong or displeased you or embarrassed the show, or if we’ve been together in 25 years involved in a lot of scandals, I understand why you didn’t want to bother in the end,” Bird said. “It simply came to our notice then. I just know God has something else for me. “

After saying he doesn’t think Judy realized how “confused” and “disappointed” she was, Bird said their conversation ended “happily”.

Judy made a statement through her spokesperson and said, “Baird is great and we had a great run for 25 years. It’s a whole new program with a whole new cast and an exciting energy.

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