Judiciary files emergency motion requesting federal judge to block Texas abortion law (update)

The judiciary filed an urgent motion Tuesday evening to restrain the state of Texas from enforcing their new abortion law, known as SBAS, the report said.

It comes a week after a lawsuit was filed in the state over the abortion law.

The proposal states, in part, that “this attempt to protect an unconstitutional law from review cannot be tolerated.” National Compact. “

Speaking of U.S. responsibilities, the resolution goes on to say, “Texas cannot disassociate itself from judicial review for its constitutional violations and the United States has the power to ensure that it protects the important federal interests of the SB imp. You have to give instructions. ”

As mentioned earlier, the judiciary has also filed lawsuits against the state of Texas. The case requested that a judge declare the law invalid.

The FOX 11 LA report said the law was clearly unconstitutional under the long-running Supreme Court precedent.

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