July 16-22, 2021-VIFF Blog

Every week, Establish shots VIFF offers to shed some more light on the movies that will be shown in cinemas through VIFF Connect at the center and online.

Can you bring it: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the Waters

“A kaleidoscopic portrait of an artist that simultaneously enters the personal and political dimension that informs the creation of art.” Beatrice Loeza, AV Club

“Insights into vintage footage from Jones / Jane Company and student productions, as well as footage from another contemporary production of the piece-shot intimately on a stage that recalls parts of Martin Scorsese’s ring. Raging bull – Create an unusually lively documentary experience. Glenn Kenny, New York Times

Lydia Lunch: The war never ends

The war never ends Stands because there is no such thing as Lydia Lunch that continues to fight well against all forms of abuse, degradation and oppression. I can’t imagine he would do anything else. Michael Levine, Chest

“This face-to-face documentary, which was made with the participation of Lunch, shows how he survived on his intelligence and attitude, while influencing his colleagues and influencing the next generation of punk-influenced music artists. “Carla Hey, Culture mix

Our VIFF + members are currently enjoying free access to more than 30 movies and discussing on VIFF Connect. Jem Cohen is joining the collection this week Museum hours And Daniel Rymer Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story. Membership starts at just $ 12 a month.

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