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The tragedy of Obayashi’s youth trilogy: Blossoms to the Sky, Seven weeks And Hanagatami

“[Obayashi] Always be remembered first and foremost Home (House), 1977 cult favorite Chuck Stephens calls ‘modern masterpiece’ WTF movies ?!‘But Obayashi has made films throughout his long life …

“It’s important for some people to be concerned about how long your will may be felt even after your death.” In an interview with Aiko Masubuchi of Obayashi Mubi Notebook

“Nobuhiko Obayashi was a director who was often dismissed as someone whose work was ‘less than an eye in the end.’ The purpose of this piece is to argue otherwise. In contrast, Obayashi’s experimental aesthetics often serve to illuminate the themes of his work… despite such eclecticism, each of his works, in one form or another, is clearly an ‘Obayashi’ film. “Profile of Hal Young’s great directors The feeling of the movie


“Deraspe, acting as his own cinematographer, has an airy, fluid visual feel that gives dynamism even in a sterile courtroom scene and finds an interesting point of focus in Ricky’s light-eyed, steady gaze … It’s a testament to Deraspe’s intelligent writing and again. For Ricky’s extraordinary, vague but poor performance, such an internal, abstract tragedy could be ongoing. Diversity

“Deraspe is acclaimed for making the 2,500-year-old play feel important, contemporary and cinematic.” Boyd Van Hoys, Hollywood Reporter

“To me, it’s still a story of negotiation with a young woman’s authority, because what she firmly believes in – her own personal law – is not human-written law.” Montreal Gazette T’Cha Dunlevy interviewed Sophie DeRasp

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