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Aquila’s escape

“Inside Aquila’s escape, The officer wants to do more than present a tapestry of past and present criminal underworld. Instead, he unveils a legacy of violence and oppression that has gone wrong in countries and communities around the world, especially Jamaica … rather than a movie about a drug deal, Aquila’s escape A film about masculinity, compassion and second chance. Aramide Tinubu, Showbiz cheat sheets

“Charles Officer’s New Intellectual Stolen Movie, Aquila’s escape, An exploratory journey about his hero’s inner life as it is the violent reality of his daily life … The result is unexpected and breathtaking for the witness. “Beandrea July, Vanity Fair

Before that Black body

“It is very disappointing that the film we shot in 2018 is so timeless. This is something that people can relate to and I am sure more events will happen to us this year. Kelly is interviewed by Fife-Marshall Refinery 29’s Katherine Singh

Truman and Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation

“An interesting portrait that uses their decades-long, sometimes rocky friendship to shed light on their respective personalities.” Frank Shake, Hollywood Reporter

“A vibrant mosaic of two people marginalized by society who came to occupy a place of pride in cultural zeitgeist.” Matt Wolf, Arts Desk

“The idea that a writer’s name is more famous than his writing is, of course, the case with Truman Capote. Fame was something that drove him to life িয়া the creative process never ended for him. Interviewed by Lisa Immardino Vriland Pop Matters’ Paul risk

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