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Unseeded Chiefs

“We had no right then … then look at the progress of what happened in my lifetime.” Interviewed by Doreen Manuel Georgia Straits Charlie Smith

The swan

“I’ve created some elbow room in the world of filmmaking where I stand because it’s a different way of making a film. I’m not sure if it helps me or hinders my progress, but I had a lot of fun doing it and had to learn at work. , Which is required. ” The Winnipeg Sons Kevin King interviewed Mike Marinuke

45-minute conversation between Mike Marinuke and Alexis Gambis of Labosin

Slow machine

“The film is best when you surrender to its surreal nature; Then, you’ll be open to watching one of the most enchanting movies of the year. Movies with such low-fi aesthetics rarely feel this major. Kristen Yunsu Kim, New York Times

“An extraordinarily cheerful film that, like the best film in independent cinema, never lets its humble resources suppress its ambitions … for all its mysterious anxieties, Slow machine Goes down like smooth whiskey. Vikram Murthy, AV Club

Right now, wrong then

“Hong’s narrative is based on power delays and increasing time, with the idea of ​​postponing steps to intensify some of the character’s behavioral traits with changes caused by the character’s conversations. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to be inside and live. Right now, wrong then. This is a kind and beautiful film. And they are in short supply. Roger Koza, Opportunity for movies

Film comment podcast Discusses Right now, wrong then

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