Jury Rewards $ 10M for a person who says he or she is fired because he or she is white.

In today’s society, where diversity and inclusion seem to be a priority for many companies, one person, David Duval, complained that he was fired for it and was rewarded with only $ 10 million in one case.

According to NBC News, David Duval, a white hospital executive, has filed a lawsuit alleging that his employer fired him because he is a white man. As a result, a North Carolina jury awarded him $ 10 million.

In 2019, David Duval sued Novant Health, Inc. “after dismissing him as senior vice president of marketing and communications last year,” NBC News reported.

Duval alleges he was fired without cause “as part of a deliberate campaign to promote diversity in its management position.” He further complained that he was fired because of his gender and gender.

The Winston-Salem-based company has denied the allegations. Novant Health, Inc. says Duval was fired for inadequate performance and for assigning important work to those he managed.

“We are extremely disappointed with the verdict, as we believe it is not supported by the evidence presented in the trial, which includes our reasons for Mr. Duval’s termination,” Novant Health spokesman said in a statement. “We will follow all legal options, including the appeal.”

Duval further complained that he was fired just before his fifth anniversary with the company, where he would receive “rights” to a larger separation package. He says he has been replaced by a black woman and a white woman. Duval added that the shooting violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Luke Larges, Duval’s attorney, told NBC News that the former executive was fired just days before his fifth anniversary when he would be entitled to further separation.

“The message is not to abandon diversity and inclusion, it has to be done legally,” Larges said.

In the end, the jury found that race or sexuality was a factor in Duval’s demise.

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