Jussie Smollett found guilty of staging fake hate crime

Juicy Smollett has been convicted in 2019 of committing hate crimes against himself and lying to police.

On Thursday, a jury returned a verdict that found Smolett guilty of five of the six criminal misdemeanor counts he was charged with after nine hours of deliberations. He was acquitted at number six.

Convictions are a Class 4 offense punishable by up to three years in prison, but Smollett cannot serve time in prison and may be admitted without prior notice, the Chicago Tribune reported. Punishment will be at a later date.

In response to his sentencing, Donald Trump Jr. had something to say. He tweeted, We finally got it #justiceforjussieHe added, “I am happy to be living in a country where people go to jail for attacking a gay black man … There is absolutely no place for this in America or anywhere else, and I am happy the criminal has been brought to justice.” ”

If you think, Jussie tried to dismiss the case in October 2021 because of her Cook County has already reached an agreement to withdraw the charges The agreement included community service and a forfeited $ 10,000 bond, but the request was denied.

In an interview with Lamont Hill, Smollett said authorities would not let the situation go. “They won’t let it go,” Juicy said. “It doesn’t matter. An example is being set. And sadly, an example has been made of someone who did not do what was alleged against him.”

Although a grand jury indicted him in March 2019, the case was dropped a few weeks later, according to NBC News. Afterwards, a special prosecutor withdrew it and charged the police with disorderly conduct for lying.

Rumi, was justice served?

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