Justin Sky Aludes for a possible break up with Given on Twitter

Alexa “Heartbreak Anniversary!” Justin Sky posted a sad tweet for the past few days that made people think he had broken up with his boyfriend, singer Given. In case you didn’t know, the couple sparked earlier rumors after appearing on a trip to Jamaica in December 2020.

Yesterday he made a post and set the internet on fire. Justin tweeted, “A man wouldn’t know how to treat you properly if you gave them a manual. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t really help but ultimately blame myself for not saving enough love for me. Anyway, IDC R. I’m done. Justin continued to tweet that those he loved the most broke him the most and those who actually loved him pushed them away.

Justin originally said he didn’t know why he was keeping people in his business but mentioned that he was doing it because he was hurt. The “Space and Time” singer released a final tweet that raised eyebrows, saying, “Fraudsters will cheat. Lies will lie. Users will use.” More than 5,000 roommates commented and couldn’t help but hit 3LW’s 2,000 hits. The song shared the lyrics of “Playas Gon ‘Play”.

At the moment, Given has not addressed Justin’s tweet online, but he is active on social media. While in Toronto, he shared a video on his Instagram page. Rumiz, it’s unclear when the couple is done, but we’ll keep you updated as more tea continues!

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