Kallis’ husband Mike Mora has revealed that he has stage 4 cancer, saying he was allowed to live for 18 months.

TSR PRAYERSUP: Kallis’ husband, photographer Mike Mora, says he is overwhelmed with love and support after revealing his cancer diagnosis.

Mike Mora explained that he was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer “just in time” in a series of Instagram posts this week. She said her symptoms started a year ago with the “worst pain” in her abdomen, according to the man.

“Anorexia. My back pain is also starting to creep in,” he wrote below one of his posts, adding that he “finally decided to do something about it”, which looks like it’s a life-saving measure.

Mora said doctors soon identified him as the most advanced form of stomach cancer. He said he was then given 18 months to survive, adding that it had been exactly 12 months.

“I thought the whole time I just had an ulcer. I have no idea what’s going to get in my way, “he said.” Here I was in a hospital bed in the middle of an epidemic. All alone. “

Kallis, now 42, gave birth to their daughter 17 days before her diagnosis.

“I never thought this could happen to me,” he wrote in a separate post. “At just 36 years old, 3 kids and a wife who loves me. I want to be able to help those who can feel something, maybe, hopefully. It shows that it’s possible through it.”

On Wednesday, he thanked everyone for their kind words, determined to let people know that his story would continue.

“Dear friends, it was incredibly irresistible. Accepting all the words of love and encouragement. I’m so grateful. It’s been emotional. But overall I think it’s making me stronger … the story will continue.

Our prayers are to Mike Mora, Kallis and their families for a full recovery at this time.

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