Kanye West says Big Shawn was signed “he did the worst thing” (video)

On Thursday, a new episode of Revolt TV’s podcast, “Drink Champs,” aired, and Yeh was the special guest. When people were so excited, you had a lot on your mind and it went up from his chest.

While discussing Drake, Kim Kardashian, ‘Donda’ and many more, he talked about Big Shawn. When Kani was asked about Pusha T and Big Shawn, he said that signing Big Shawn was basically a mistake.

Norega asked, “Pusha or Big Shawn?” You answered and said, “Oh, I love it !! I’m telling you.” He then grabbed a “RIP” headstone prop and continued, “I’ve already decided that when I die, it will be on my tombstone, ‘I deserve to be here because I signed Big Shawn.’

Still not clear, Norega looked a bit confused. Kanye then said, “No, I’m saying the worst thing I’ve ever done is to sign Big Shawn.”

Bis Shawn replied, “This guy was just intelligent, he doesn’t say anything about it !!! And after this interview! I’m dying to see you laugh @ Kaniwest

He then continued, “I can’t wait to go to the drink champ now !!!”

Before the new episode aired, Big Shawn tweeted that he was invited to be a guest on “Drink Champs.” He tweeted, “I’ve just been told to stay at the next drink champ so I’m assuming you’re talking crazy.”

Just a few days ago, Big Shawn revealed that he had left the Yes Good Music record label but said it was still a “brotherhood”.

If you think, Yeh has rented out ownership and he mentions Big Shawn. Big Shawn responds, “Thank you! It will help a lot.”

Charlemagne Tha God Yeh Big Sen also complained of millions of dollars. He added that the Detroit Natives had a “terrible” deal.

“I hope one day Big Shawn will tell his story, but I just know Kanye West owes Big Shawn a lot of money. And he got Big Shawn in a very terrible deal that people here are screaming for their masters to be returned and all sorts of other things.”

Rumi, what do you think about this?

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