Kelly Price has been released from hospital after being listed as a missing person in Georgia.

TSR is praying: Singer Kelly Price went missing after being released from a hospital in Georgia where she was fighting Kovid, TMZ reported.

According to Cobb County officials, Kelly Price has been officially listed as a missing person since police conducted a welfare test at her home last weekend.

Authorities said they found no evidence of Kelly having an affair with her boyfriend at the residence, but nonetheless, she is now listed as a missing person at the National Crime Information Center.

Kelly posted a video in late July telling fans that she has covid and is battling symptoms of the virus. According to his family, Kelly was hospitalized about a week later and ended up in the ICU as his condition deteriorated.

Her family told TMZ that they contacted Kelly when she was hospitalized in early August. She received several visits from her children during her stay.

Then three weeks after he was admitted, his children told him he would be released, which was surprising to them because he was not believed to have fully recovered.

Kelly’s family says she has not been heard from since and they have told police that her boyfriend is preventing her friends and family members from coming to her home at this time.

There was considerable concern from people close to Kelly last week to request authorities to conduct a welfare check at her home.

Now, he is officially considered missing, and an active investigation is underway to find him.

Although authorities said they did not suspect the pornographic game, it was not immediately clear if there were any interested people or why she was trying to keep her boyfriend away.

Our prayers go to Kelly and her family and we hope she returns home safely. We will keep you posted.

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