Kelly Price has finally broken the silence, shared on the flatline because of the Covid-1T and is still on oxygen (update)

After authorities reported Kelly Price missing, she finally broke her silence.

A few days after leaving everyone with questions and some confusion, Kelly spoke exclusively to TMZ. During the conversation, he described in detail his Covid-1 experience and said that he was flat.

According to TMZ, Kelly said he never actually went missing. “Price tells us he never actually went missing, although some members of his family insisted he went missing without a trace.”

He reported that he isolated himself to recover from COVID. Kelly further noted that he was “avoiding his family, about whom he said he did not communicate regularly.”

Kelly added that he is still on oxygen.

Moments before the exclusive video broke, The Brat went live and complained that he had spoken to Kelly Price. The Brat also had something to say Other people who talked about Kelly Price apparently used them as a way to promote what was going on.

As previously reported, Kelly Price’s attorney issued a statement in her favor. It was also reported that Kelly’s legal representative reached out to Cobb County police to let them know he had been held accountable. As we reported earlier, Kelly was listed at the National Crime Information Center.

Kelly’s attorney said she was safe, Kelly’s sister, Shane Price, called Larry Reed live and apparently opposed the claim.

“I’m just asking everyone to pray,” Shane said. “I understand the attorney says my sister is OK. We know nothing until we see him physically. ”

He continued, “You all know his history. My sister is a very visible person, ”Shanra continued. “We haven’t heard anything from him in months … it’s different from him. No one listened to him. ”

Rumiz, please keep Kelly in your prayers.

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