Kelly Price has given fans an update on her health

After a battle with Covid-1 earlier this year, Kelly Price Updating her fans about her current health status. Posting on her Instagram on Thursday (Oct. 1), the Gospel singer shared a long caption to share her feelings.

“She is OK. Sis is getting stronger every day. Sis is working hard to get back to music. Sis focused. Sis is relieving stress from everywhere and those who present it no matter what. Sis Kovid is working hard to get better before me, before the plague, before death and damage, before the heart breaks and the pain. Sister will be better off before she goes crazy, ”he captioned his post.

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“I thank God for another chance in life,” he added. “Everyone can have their opinion but God has the ultimate word! # The next chapter is being written. Sis writes the next chapter. ”

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BET Earlier it was reported that Price was hospitalized with coronavirus in July and later transferred to the ICU before being released. After a brief miscommunication and missing persons report, Price and his attorney confirmed that he was safe.

He has talked to TMZ about a series of events.

“At one point they lost me. I woke up a few days later, and the first thing I remember was the doctors standing around me asking me if I knew what year it was, ”he said.

He said, “I’m dead.”

He added, “People must have been watching me. People who can actually say something are not allowed because of HIPPA. [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which guards the privacy of patients] Law. ”

His sister replied, Shanre priceThe 48-year-old, who originally claimed the singer was missing, insisted: “I’ve never been in danger. I’m not in danger now.”

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