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From one album I remember the guy making some 30-something “greatest 17-year-old” earning about $ 13,000 a year. Kevin Whelan calls his zoom profile picture his “LinkedIn look” and it betrays an unexpected camouflage of a Google search that I conducted just before my conversation with Aeon station frontman: “Before Kevin Whelan Johnson and Johnson” “Kevin” The title of Whelan’s official job is Global Head of R&D Strategic Initiatives and Operations, and he manages about 400 employees. Since 2003, Whelan has been more likely to hire someone than the new Wrens song. That third entry is “Kevin Whelan’s Aquarius.” “Work, Rock, and Then Death – It’s a Good Order,” Whelan jokes. I will not make another record because I do not have enough time. “

Ion Station’s first album Observatory This is almost exactly what you would expect from an album involving three-quarters of The Rains, and it was created as a release valve from the laborious and completely painful process of making Rance music. “The weight I was lifting has lifted from me,” Huilan sang during “Air”, an extraordinarily distorted, anthemic indie rock that doesn’t know how to climb very high, lest its victories seem unattainable. But it follows “Better Profits”, and its finish line – “Here comes a good love / whose dream you always get” – is the first time the villain has written about victory, as opposed to denying defeat.

Compared to his more mysterious approach in The Wrens, Whelan describes his writing Observatory As “fastball”, simple and straightforward, without cloning inspiration, is the kind of pep talk people usually want to get from higher in the office. “Hold on when what you know or believe to be true goes wrong,” Whelan sighs in the introduction, starting a circle that ends Observatory: “Be tough in this fight because we’re almost over / I’m going back to your house.”

In any other situation, its mere existence Observatory There will be reasons for celebration. At the risk of fans of Diehard Rance falling into a certain age population, there is an element of wish fulfillment: a highly talented musician can put aside his rock fantasies and focus on career, marriage and parenting only to realize that he cannot be fully present. Anything without a tendency to magic. Whelan’s wife backup vocal contributions Observatory And, more importantly, an invaluable role as a life coach. “You’re almost not a good person in your life without music,” Whelan recalled. “Time is precious. Why are you messing around?”

Yet, even the most optimistic adoption will register Observatory As a bitter sweet success for Whelan. These songs are almost impossible to hear because of a very protracted and now very open battle for the 2003 cult classic between Huilan and his isolated co-lyricist Charles Beasle. Meadowlands. It’s hard to tinker with the last 18 years with the real music that The Rains has created. Kevin Shields or Richard D. This kind of mysterious and subtle process is expected from isolated, genre-defining geniuses like James. Or, too rich perfectionists like Daft Punk or Frank Ocean. Similarly, with rumors circulating about the band’s finances, how much money does Wrens business really have? The band currently has about 22,500 monthly listeners on Spotify and they haven’t toured in over a decade. “We had nothing but debt,” Whelan points out.

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Even at a time when millions of people have spent the holiday season listening 30 And watching Go back, Observatory Still feel uniquely burdened by his luggage. Imagine if every Adele interview needed an equal space for Simon Koneki’s story. Or, if after taking hundreds of “Get Back” and “Let It Be”, Paul, George and Ringo decide to record them under a name other than John Lennon. “We tried to imitate [The Beatles] On many levels, ”Whelan claims, from the process of writing a democratic song to the Beatles’ daily recording book, they kept it in the studio for inspiration, insisting that their drummer sing one song per record.

“What’s sadly missing in many recent articles is that, like The Beatles, The Rains Four Guys,” Huilan said in a follow-up email. “It simply came to our notice then. This too [drummer] Jerry McDonald and [brother/guitarist] Greg Huylan, ”they both said Observatory And will be part of the Turing band.

Whelan said that half Observatory Scheduled for “Next Rance Album” with “Alpine Drive”, which premieres today. Whelan envisioned it as a “happy reunion” soundtrack, and it ended with a torn piano and waltz rhythm. Observatory With apropos according to a season, emerge like carol. But if the rollout is an indication for observation, the comment sections will be fixed in one line – “A thousand night shifts will end with the sun / yet we break the rock in a song we never do.” It can sometimes feel like a SpeakerboxXX Except Love below; Resident Tinker and misleading talent Bissell have claimed that his solo project is imminent.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I wondered if The Rains could make a record. Meadowlands Without the obligatory backstory of interpersonal and industrial strife alike. Now, its a contradiction Observatory There was so much insult in The Rains that his description was so baked Meadowlands. Their previous two albums – 1994 Silver and Secaucus, Which came two years later – a powerful and sometimes harmonious, scrappy collection of indie rock in the mid-90s. But to be honest, they never lived up to the legend of raining down millions of people with the Pop Savants in the last days of the Alt-Rock Gold Rush. Yet, it was once easy to romanticize Rance as an indie idealist with a self-destructive streak, which was ruined by failure by a short-sighted and greedy music industry. The bits are still known: the influential manager, dismantling A&R and the label Axis, rejecting a seven-digit deal from a man who in turn created Wind-Up Records, which sold nearly 50 million cred and Evansense records.

All those years were a kind of loss leader Meadowlands. In terms of its highly mature ass and vague concerns, this is proof of its strength Meadowlands‘Writing a uniquely catchy song that it still reaches the audience of collegiate indie kids at a time when dance-punk and freak-folk and crank took on bigger sizes. But according to Whelan’s retailing, a lot of their time since 2003 has been spent doing nothing. Or at least getting on with the rest of their lives. “Everyone was getting married in 2009, no one was fully focused, but in 2010 we launched the machine,” he recalls. By 2014, The Rance Band had quietly signed a deal with Sub Pop, which is now being released. Observatory. After decades of misunderstandings and financial constraints, Huilan could not be more grateful for his relationship with the label. They gave us advance when no one was getting money from any label and we never had any money, ”he says.

Beasley was diagnosed with plasma cell cancer the following year, from which he recovered. After that, the stories of Beasley and Huilan differ in the degree to which LP4 is legally finished. Belief in Whelan’s final revelation makes it easier for him to move to Singapore for 18 months on a work assignment, returning to the kingdom just before the Covid-19 epidemic. This time allowed almost complete separation from listening to music abroad and making music. “In Singapore, there’s almost no music,” Whelan notes. “They will bring concerts, but all you hear on the radio is cover songs.” He says he didn’t pick a guitar for the whole time, assuming it wouldn’t be wise to start something new until the songs he’d been sitting on for a decade finally rested.

Kevin Whelan
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The timeline is complicated by Huylan’s self-referential lyrics, which can be interpreted as the remnants of an Owens album played in their own mythology. Observatory A true idea about cracks is being recorded among the early lyricists. “Everything at One” gives lyrical hints Meadowlands Bookends “This Is Not What You Planned” and “The House That Gilt Built”; The latter is revealed in the unequivocal opening jay of “Move”. I tried to guess which new song and which was intended for The Rance just by guessing that the album was chronologically chronological; Turns out, it’s almost the opposite curse. “I read the first intro song [“Hold On”] And “Pages” has been around since 2009, “Whelan noted,” and subsequent tracks, “Fade”, “Everything at Once” and “Move” were written last fall ৷ it was only in March 2021 that Whelan used them for their Aeon station. Promised. Side B Lead begins with the single “Queens”, derived from “Sophie”, a continuous misleading over-the-top song. You lied / your life is gone, “” Who knows why it ends like this “and its exciting code -” You said it’s all over! ” This is followed by a race of long-practiced songs that assume they will never see the light of day – “Here comes the songs that set us apart,” to no avail / You will not return / It’s all wind Can’t undo. “

Since Whelan has moved away from the Wrens family business broadcast, it’s worth asking him if it was inevitable because of the obligation to press for Aeon station and the endless temptation to identify “you” addressed everywhere. Observatory.

“I did not want to [use my own name] Like a singer-songwriter, because I’m not playing alone at the top of the hill, “explains Huilan, and he chose Eon Station to reflect the seemingly endless time it took him to get here. Similarly, the cover of the album looks like a half-finished office building. And yet, the most impressive achievement Observatory Its ultimate message is one of resilience, justice and forgiveness rather than bitterness or weak desire – something that can be hoped for for a person who has spent almost two decades exposing his failures and flaws in exciting detail.

“I was just making it up, just for me, and I thought, A lotWhelan said firmly. “I knew I was saying something, if anyone cared.”

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