Khloe Kardashian says he corrects people who say the truth is “big” instead of “tall”

Khloe Kardashian has spoken out against Body Shamer and critics countless times and now her mother is in beer mode, Kholo holding the same power with her 3-year-old daughter True Thompson.

According to Baby Insider, in an effort to protect her baby girl from body image problems, Khloe Kardashian said she corrects people who are truly “big” when they actually say “tall.”

In a recent interview with Health.com, Khloe explained that he did not want the truth to be misinterpreted.

“Truth be told, I don’t play. She is very tall. People will always say, ‘He’s so big,’ ‘Kholo said. “And I’ll say, ‘Oh, he’s so tall.’ I try to make them more descriptive. ”

He continued, “I know what an adult means when they say it, but I don’t want him to misinterpret it.”

Kholo spoke of his own relationship with food and body image to contribute to his truly protective nature.

“When it comes to food – I had a lot of problems,” Chloe said. “It wasn’t from one person, I just guessed from society or how people criticized my body.”

In April, Chloe became furious with her Instagram followers when she defended an attempt to remove an unpublished bikini photo of herself from the internet.

“As someone who has struggled with body image all his life, when someone takes a picture of you that is not flattering in bad light or does not catch your body even after working so hard to get it that way – and then share it with the world – You should have the right to ask not to share it – no matter who you are, “Chloe wrote on Instagram.

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