Khloé Kardashian’s Dose & Co. has launched the new Marine Collagen Formula

Dosage & Co.

“In the search for the right supplement, I noticed that many fillers were loaded with fake sweets and all sorts of nasties that went beyond the benefits of the supplements themselves,” explained founder Libby Matthews. “As a new mom, I also wanted safe products during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I worked on creating a product line of my own, focusing on improving well-being from the inside out, using the highest quality ingredients, GMOs, plastic wrap without fillers. . “

Providing safe and durable products between Dodge & Co. and Khloe Kardashian giving it its approval stamp, what a choice! And while Dose & Co will not cure your acne or give you a full head with healthy hair overnight, I have personally benefited from the daily dose of my brand of collagen supplements, especially after hair loss during quarantine. I noticed that my nails look strong and healthy. Also, the powder doesn’t make my stomach upset. But as always, don’t take our word for it, check out the thousands of raving reviews on the brand’s website.

This week, the brand unveiled its first-marine collagen formula made from non-GMO sustainable-source fish, adding vitamin C to increase absorption and immunity.

“Working over the last few years has become a huge part of my daily routine and I don’t feel better than I do when I finish an intense workout with Dodge & Co,” Chloe revealed. “When I started taking Brand’s Marine Collagen on Energy Day I noticed such a huge difference in both my performance and recovery. It’s as versatile as any other collagen and it’s so easy to pop in my morning lemon water or coffee, plus my hair and skin have never looked more hydrated. Or didn’t feel it. That’s the main thing in long exercise days! ”

If you are ready to stimulate your skin, nails and hair, we have collected collagen powder from Dose & Co. below.

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