Kim Jolsiak’s daughter Braille Bierman says RHOA’s ‘point key’ continues to exit Lex and Porsche Williams

Braille Bierman, daughter of former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Jolsiak, thinks it’s time to end the popular show now that many of the show’s OGs are either gone or gone.

This week, the two stars of the series, Cynthia Bailey and Porsche Williams, have said they will not return for the upcoming season.

Following the news of Porsha Williams exiting the show, Braille tweeted, “No Nene No Kim No Porsha No Fedra RHOAA What?”

Although many of the show’s fans understood Braille’s feelings, apparently some gave her mother Kim a hard time getting her to include women in that group.

It only inspired 24-year-old Braille to clap to haters in defense of his mother.

“Everyone is so excited and annoyed about me that Kim adds that she hasn’t been giving you drama, appearances, tracy, classy, ​​funny one-liners for years. Please. Where to give credit [credit’s] Because everyone knows Kim and loves her at some point even if you don’t now. Sour Apple Tita B **** s. “

But obviously the criticism didn’t stop because Braille had to shut down one more tweet to let people know he wasn’t playing about his mother.

“Hey, I hated him too! Met his guy and a good one! Shining, Hella has a baby, lives in a nice house, succeeds … etc, etc … Yes, I can smell altruism.

Cynthia Bailey stopped this thang when she announced that she was leaving the show after 11 seasons.

Cynthia told fans, “After much thought and consideration, I have made a very difficult and sincere decision not to return to the Atlanta Real Housewives next season.”

After Porsche’s announcement, however, he indicated that he would not be in the air for long.

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