Kiri Irving says the controversial mask tweet was ‘covid rule related’ Sports

Kyrie Irving It is not unfamiliar to make some statements that have earned him more than some side-eyes, but his latest potential is under his own refutation.

The Brooklyn Net Point Guard sparked criticism Wednesday (September 15) by reading a tweet, “My mask off. Now take off your clothes. Don’t be afraid.”

Later that day, the 29-year-old claimed that his tweet was taken out of context.

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“‘Mask off’ means you stop being something like that and stop lying to yourself,” the NBA star wrote in a follow-up tweet. This is the moment when you discover your true identity and walk around the society without any fear which shows that people really wear a lot of masks to hide who they are. * Covid is nothing about rules !! Relax ”

Irving’s tweet comes a day after ESPN reported that the NBA Players’ Association refused to change its position against making vaccines mandatory for athletes in talks with the NBA. Beginning October 19, the league’s COVID-19 restriction for the upcoming 2021-22 season will officially take effect.

In the past, Irving has also verified himself for controversial comments. In 2018, he said he doubted the existence of dinosaurs; And he apologized for saying publicly that he believed the earth was flat.

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